How to charge your hearing aids

1. Plug in the charger


Charging cable port

Plug the supplied power adapter into a power outlet and connect the charging cable to the hearing aid charger.

Pro tip: You can still wear your hearing aids even if they aren't fully charged.

Many folks charge their hearing aids at night, just like your phone.

2. Charge your hearing aids

Charging case
  • Pulsing LED light = charging
    Solid LED light = fully charged
  • 3-hour charge = 30 hours of sound

Place your hearing aids in the corresponding charging bay. Match left (blue) and right (red).

The LED will light up, indicating that charging has been initiated. When the hearing aid LED light pulses, it's charging. When solid, it's fully charged.

A full charge is about 30 hours of sound.

Pro tip: When not wearing your hearing aids, store them in the charger to keep them safe and charged.

3. Turn on or restart your devices

Your hearing aids turn on automatically when you remove them from the case.

If you need to restart your hearing aids, place them in the case, check that both lights are on, wait 10 seconds, then remove them. Later, this will come in handy when you pair them to the Jabra Enhance Select app.

Pro tip: You can also turn your hearing aids on and off manually by holding down the buttons for 5 seconds.

Need help setting up your hearing aids? Our team is on standby.