Replacing your hearing aid batteries

1. Remove the tabs on the new batteries

Remove the tabs

Let the new batteries air out for two minutes to fully oxidize and extend the life of the battery.

2. Open the battery doors

Open doors
Open doors 2

At the base of each device, push out the battery door with your finger.

Pro tip: You can also use a coin to make pushing it open easier.

3. Insert the new battery


Insert the battery with the flat, positive side facing up and the rounded negative side facing down.

If correct, the battery door will close without resistance and click into place. If a battery is inserted upside down, it may close with force but will not click into place.

Pro tip: Not sure if it's right?
Send us a photo.

Depending on how often you stream calls or music, a new set of batteries last about 5 to 7 days.

4. Turning your hearing aids on and off

Your hearing aids turn on automatically when the battery doors are closed. To turn them off, simply open the battery doors.

Pro tip: You can also turn your hearing aids on and off manually by holding down the buttons for 5 seconds.

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