Learn the basics

Battery-Powered Hearing Aids
  • Hearing aid button
  • Receiver wire
  • Receiver and earbud

Left and Right

To tell 'Left' from 'Right', the wires and earbuds should face inwards toward the ear.

Or, look at the color-coded plus signs on the inside of the battery doors. Left is blue and right is red.

Easy cleaning and care

Your Enhance Select kit comes with everything you need for routine maintenance, from extra earbuds to cleaning tools.

Once you're set up, we'll go over recommended care, like how to clean them and when to swap out your earbuds.

Pro tip: When not wearing your hearing aids, store them in your case.

You can throw away the display card. Always store your hearing aids with the battery doors open to conserve the batteries.

Easy cleaning and care
  • Receiver wire
  • Receiver
  • Earbud (removable)

Need help setting up your hearing aids? Our team is on standby.