Not ready for typical hearing aids?

Earbuds that enhance the sound, not the noise.

Sometimes you just need a hearing boost in certain situations. Can't hear the TV? Conversation unclear? Pop in these sleek, stylish earbuds. Control it all yourself from a mobile app. Never before has powerful, medical-grade hearing enhancement been so compact, discreet, and easy to use.

Works exclusively with Apple iPhone Bluetooth 5.2

Jabra Enhance Plus

$799 or as low as *   per pair

Self-fitting OTC 3-in-1 earbuds for hearing enhancement, music and hands-free calls, personalized to your unique hearing profile. Hands-free calling requires iPhone 11 or later and iOS 15.3 or later.Close

Benefits of the Jabra Enhance Plus
Sometimes you just need a hearing boost in certain situations. Can't hear the TV? Conversation unclear? Pop in these sleek, stylish earbuds. Control it all yourself from a mobile app. Never before has powerful, medical-grade hearing enhancement been so compact, discreet, and easy to use.

Color: Dark Gray

Key Features

  • Miniaturized and ultra-discreet design for a comfortable fit. Compatible with iOS devices, .
  • World-class, medical-grade hearing enhancement technology, with state-of-the-art signal processing for incredible audio clarity
  • Bluetooth® 5.2 - No audio dropouts or interruptions
  • Water and dust resistant (IP52-rated) so you can use them in any weather
  • Up to 12 hours battery life, with up to a total of 35 hours in the charging case
  • Sound is analyzed with resolution similar to the human ear for the most natural sound quality
  • Advanced hearing algorithms limit background noise and improve speech clarity
  • Microphone directionality automatically adapts for improved speech audability in noisy environments
  • Optimized sound for different environments with 3 Listen Modes
  • 45-day risk-free trial
  • 1-year warranty
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Self-guided fitting and personalization to your hearing profile with the Jabra Enhance app
  • Comprehensive technical support and troubleshooting, for both the earbuds and the app

Jabra Enhance Plus

  • 15-115 SBSPL input dynamic range. Sounds are clearer and more natural sounding
  • Dimensions: .79" x .59" x 0.46" (Nearly-invisible hidden design)
  • Weight: 3.2 grams per earbud

Charging Case

  • Carries 3 full charges for on-the-go power
  • Fits easily into your pocket, purse, or backpack
  • Dimensions: 2.76" x 1.84" x 0.95"
  • Weight: 33.74 g / 1.19 oz

To learn more, view our Jabra Enhance Plus User Guide and Advanced Specs

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Everything you need to hear better on your terms

  • Discreet and powerful

    With groundbreaking miniaturization and advanced medical-grade hearing enhancement technology, these first-of-their-kind earbuds will improve speech clarity and reduce noise so you don't miss a thing.

  • Customization and control

    Take the in-app hearing check, and your earbuds will automatically program to your hearing profile. Easily adjust earbud settings and Listen Modes depending on your environment and hearing needs.

  • All for one low price

    Hear better at a fraction of the cost. These OTC hearing-enhancement earbuds are thousands less than the national average price of hearing aids.

Awards and Nominations

"Best Hearing Aid Headphone Hybrid"


"CES Innovation Awards 2023 Honoree"

Consumer Technology Association

"Recommended Product of 2022"

Digital Trends

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How it works

Add them to your cart and check out

No hearing test or doctor appointments required to purchase.

Hearing-enhancement earbuds delivered to your door

Your devices are delivered in days.

Easily fit, set up, and tune your earbuds

Use the Jabra Enhance app to get the optimal fit, personalize the earbuds to your unique hearing profile, and control your settings.

Why you'll love the Jabra Enhance Plus

  • Enhanced audibility

    We've made sound, sound better.

    These pioneering OTC hearing-enhancing earbuds have been specifically engineered with advanced medical-grade technology, to help you focus on what you want to listen to, without just turning up the volume.

    The innovative design uses 4 dedicated microphones to reduce background noise and improve speech clarity, so whether you're chatting with your partner in a busy café or catching up with friends over dinner, the sounds that matter will be crystal-clear.

  • Discreet design

    Small buds. Big difference.

    Hearing enhancement should be both discreet and comfortable. Expert knowledge of the human ear and cutting-edge miniaturization techniques were used to pack all the world-leading medical-grade tech into this super-compact design.

    • Precision microphones
    • Advanced noise reduction algorithms
    • Proprietary microprocessor improves clarity of speech
    • Water resistant
  • Personalized sound

    Hear your way, faster.

    When you unbox your new Jabra Enhance Plus, you're moments away from experiencing the advanced hybrid medical-grade technology for yourself.

    Setup is easy - simply connect your buds to the free Jabra Enhance app and follow the on-screen instructions to personalize and program your earbuds to your specific needs.*

    *Works exclusively with Apple iPhone®

  • Battery

    Battery built for the long-run.

    Using advanced battery efficiency technology, these little buds can keep up with you for up to 12 hours on a single charge, and up to a total of 35 hours with their compact charging case.

  • Calls & music

    Better music. Sharper sound.

    With their powerful speakers, these discreet buds don't just enhance the world around you, their advanced medical-grade technology also helps you hear your music and calls better too.

    So whether you're catching up with a friend on the phone, or relaxing with your favorite playlist, the people and content you love will sound so much clearer.

What's in the Jabra Enhance Plus box?

  • OTC hearing-enhancement earbuds
  • Charging case
  • USB-C charging cable
  • EarGels (medium EarGels are pre-mounted on the earbuds)
  • Jabra Enhance App information
  • User manual

Better hearing for as low as $26/month*

With $0 down and 0% APR available, the Jabra Enhance Plus is even more affordable with easy financing options.*   Don't worry, checking your options won't impact your credit score.

Still have questions?
We have answers

  • Jabra Enhance Plus is a self-fitting, over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid that is compliant with the FDA's medical device regulations. It is for use by adults 18 and over with mild to moderate hearing loss, and does not require the supervision, prescription, or other order, involvement, or intervention of a licensed professional.

  • Jabra Enhance Plus may look like a consumer electronics product, but inside, it is made of all medical-grade components. These medical-grade components provide better quality of amplification than less costly consumer-grade components. Medical-grade components are also typically smaller, and this has enabled the designers to create a more discreet and comfortable earbud.

    Jabra Enhance Plus was developed and manufactured under the FDA's medical device regulations and quality control systems. The solution has been through the same thorough testing as GN's world-class hearing aids.

  • Not only does the small size of the earbud provide comfort, but the very low weight means that the earbud feels less noticeable in the ear. The Jabra Enhance Plus earbud is around half the weight of other small true wireless earbuds on the market. The lighter design is also less likely to fall out of the ear.

  • Jabra Enhance Plus utilizes Bayesian Pure Tone Audiometry (BPTA), an automated process using a statistical analysis of thousands of existing audiograms, combined with your inputs to determine your hearing thresholds.

    Entering your age and gender into the app generates an initial estimate for the hearing threshold. The app then plays targeted warble tones in each earbud, to iteratively increase the certainty of the hearing threshold. When BPTA has determined the threshold, the appropriate gains are programmed to the earbuds based on the NAL-NL2 fitting formula.

  • When the personalization has been completed, you will be asked to listen to a recorded conversation and fine tune your hearing profile by selecting one of the following filter options. The filter is then applied to music and to amplified sounds.

    • Normal — This is your baseline personalization profile.
    • Clear — This filter setting reduces bass frequencies and increases treble frequencies from the baseline personalization.
    • Full — This filter setting slightly increases bass frequencies and reduces treble frequencies from the baseline personalization.

    You can revisit these filters anytime after the personalization process by following these steps.

    • Make sure your earbuds are paired with your smartphone.
    • Tap the menu icon in the top right corner of the Jabra Enhance app.
    • Tap My profile.
    • Adjust the filter to your preference. Listening to the recorded conversation is optional.
  • Listen Modes are predefined settings designed for different situations. There are three Listen Modes to choose from - Adaptive, Focus and Surround.

    • Adaptive mode automatically enhances speech and sounds based on your surroundings and the conversations around you. Adaptive mode is the default Listen Mode.
    • Focus mode uses directional beamforming microphones to focus on sounds in front of you, such as one-on-one conversation.
    • Surround mode allows you to hear more of surrounding ambient sounds

    Note: When you are listening to music or on a call, the Listen mode is automatically locked to Surround mode.

  • Jabra Enhance Plus uses some of the same advanced technology that GN hearing aids are known for. Jabra and GN leveraged their extensive knowledge to optimize each feature of this product.

    • Warp Compressor — Sound is analyzed using resolution similar to the human ear, to obtain the most natural sound quality.
    • Digital Noise Reduction — Improves listening comfort for both stationary and impact noises while keeping speech clear. An appropriate level of noise reduction is automatically applied based on the listening situation.
    • Digital Feedback Suppression — Two control systems keep feedback whistling from interfering with high quality amplification of sound.
    • Binaural Beamformer — Directionality using an ultra-narrow beam, isolates sounds coming from in front of you, so you can hear clearly in challenging situations.
  • Jabra Enhance Plus provides people who experience mild to moderate hearing loss with audio enhancement across the frequency spectrum. The personalization process of the Jabra Enhance Plus earbuds will customize the specific gains provided at given frequencies for each individual user. The fitting range for Jabra Enhance Plus is illustrated in the following graph.

    Jabra Enhance Plus may help if you:

    • Strain to follow conversations in both quiet and noisy environments
    • Miss important information during conversations
    • Have trouble hearing at a distance
    • Have trouble understanding the TV or telephone calls
  • Please see the conditions and indications for use of the Jabra Enhance Plus below.

    WARNING: If you are younger than 18, do not use this.

    You should go to a doctor, preferably an ear-nose-throat- doctor (an ENT), because your condition needs specialized care. Over-the-counter hearing aids are only for users who are age 18 or older.

    This hearing aid is for adults with signs of mild to moderate hearing loss. How do you know if you have this?

    • You have trouble hearing speech in noisy places
    • You find it hard to follow speech in groups
    • You have trouble hearing on the phone
    • Listening makes you tired
    • You need to turn up the volume on the TV or radio, and other people complain it's too loud

    Some people with hearing loss may need help from a hearing healthcare professional. How do you know if you need to see one?

    • You can't hear speech even if the room is quiet
    • You don't hear loud sounds well, for example, you don't hear loud music, power tools, engines, or other very noisy things

    If your hearing loss makes it hard to hear loud noises, this hearing aid may not be your best choice without help from a professional. If this hearing aid does not help you enough, ask for help from a hearing healthcare professional.

    WARNING: When to see a doctor

    If you have any of the problems listed below, please see a doctor, preferably an ear-nose-throat doctor (an ENT).

    • Your ear has a birth defect or an unusual shape.
    • Your ear was injured or deformed in an accident.
    • Your saw blood, pus, or fluid coming out of your ear in the past 6 months
    • Your ear feels painful or uncomfortable
    • You have a lot of ear wax, or you think something could be in your ear
    • You get really dizzy or have a feeling of spinning or swaying (called vertigo)
    • You hearing changed suddenly in the past 6 months
    • Your hearing changes: it gets worse then gets better again
    • You have worse hearing in one wear
    • You hear ringing or buzzing in only one ear
  • The Jabra Enhance app is an essential companion for your Jabra Enhance Plus earbuds — it gives you full control over your earbuds, all from your iOS device. The app walks you through step-by-step on how to pair the earbuds to your iPhone, get the optimal fit, and personalize and program them to your unique hearing profile.

    Once you've set up, you can access your earbud settings to switch between Listen Modes and adjust your volume. And, packed with other helpful features like quick start guides, a user manual, and an earbud battery status indicator, the app does it all from the palm of your hand.

  • For technical support and troubleshooting with your Jabra Enhance Plus earbuds and the Jabra Enhance mobile app, visit the Support Center. If you have questions about your order, shipment status, or returns, Contact Us.

  • Jabra Enhance Plus has a standard 1-year manufacturer's warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. There is no loss and damage coverage.

  • If you're not fully satisfied with your Jabra Enhance Plus earbuds, contact us and return them within 45 days and we'll refund your entire order — with free return shipping and no restocking fees.

  • Jabra Enhance Plus is only compatible with Apple devices, it is not currently compatible with Android.

    , including system requirements for hands-free calling.

*Minimum purchase of $50.00 is required. Availability of terms may vary based on purchase price, product, and state of residence. Down payment may be required. Subject to approval of credit application. Rates range from 0.00% to 34.99% APR, resulting in, for example, 36 monthly payments of $38.19 at 21.99% APR, per $1,000.00 borrowed. APRs will vary depending on credit qualifications, loan amount, and term.  Bread Pay™ loans are made by Comenity Capital Bank, a Bread Financial™ company.