Time to try on your hearing aids

1. Put your hearing aids in

Hold the hearing aid by the wire, then rest the hearing aid on the back of your ear. While still holding the wire, gently push the earbud into your ear canal. You may need to push the bend of the wire.

Rub your finger on the back of your hearing aids to make sure they're on. You should hear a rustling sound.

2. Check the fit


The wire should follow the shape of your ear. You shouldn't be able to see the earbud, and the wire should not stick out.

Pro tip: Not sure they're fitting correctly?

3. Remove your hearing aids

To remove them, pull gently from the wire. You should not have to use force.

We recommend taking out your hearing aids when you connect them to the Jabra Enhance Select app, and make sure they're charged and near your phone during the pairing process.

Do they fit comfortably?

Need help setting up your hearing aids? Our team is on standby.