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You could get Enhance Select hearing aids at a reduced cost if it does. We can help you maximize your chances of reimbursement.
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How to get reimbursed

  1. Call us at (855) 330-5323
    We're here to help! Our Support Team will collect your insurance information. It's helpful to confirm your eligibility and benefit amount first.

  2. Chat with our Audiology Team
    After your purchase, you'll remotely meet our Audiology Team to discuss your hearing health. Then your devices ship!

  3. Hearing aids arrive at your door
    Your video orientation with your Audiology Team will get you set up. Lastly, we'll send you the paperwork for your claim.

What will we need to support you?

  • Your name and contact information
  • Insurance information and relevant hearing loss history
  • An audiogram from the last 6 months, if you have one

Are you eligible?

Here are some questions to see if you're eligable for reimbursement. You should also check with your insurance company about what documentation you'll need.

  • Do you have a hearing aid benefit?
  • What is your available hearing aid allowance?
  • Does your hearing aid benefit cover telehealth?
  • Is your coverage active?

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Our company and hearing aid model names have been updated in our reviews: Lively (sometimes referenced as Listen Lively) is now Jabra Enhance, and Lively hearing aids are now Enhance Select hearing aids.
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Hearing aids
So pleased!

I love these hearing aids. They are tiny, discreet and comfortable. Best of all, they are effective. I'm not cranking up the tv volume. I'm not endlessly asking people to repeat themselves.

Diana, California
Insurance FAQs
  • Contact your insurance / benefits provider. Ask if they have an out-of-network hearing aid benefit, and what documentation they require to claim it. If your provider does cover this expense (in whole or in part), our Care Team can provide you with the paperwork for you to submit a claim after you have received your hearing aids, had your Orientation session with a member of our Audiology team, and provided any necessary documentation such as an audiogram.

    Some questions you should ask your insurance/benefits provider:
    1. Do I have a hearing aid benefit?
    2. Am I eligible for the benefit?
    3. What is my coverage amount per hearing aid?
    4. What codes do I need on a claim from a hearing aid vendor in order to provide me with my maximum reimbursement?
    5. Does my insurance cover telehealth services?

  • Yes, we require an audiogram completed within 6 months in order for us to provide a diagnostic code on your itemized receipt for your insurance claim. The audiogram must come from a licensed audiologist.

  • We require that an audiogram be completed within 6 months in order for us to provide a diagnostic code on your itemized receipt for your insurance claim. The audiogram must come from a licensed audiologist.

  • You can use this link to find a local hearing aid test provider to administer a hearing test and provide an audiogram. You may wish to clarify that the results can be forwarded to you upon the hearing test's completion.

  • Yes. You pay Jabra Enhance directly and then submit a claim to your insurance company for reimbursement.

  • We require payment in order to ship a pair of hearing aids to a new customer, and you can work with our support team to get the paperwork you need to submit your claim. We are unable to ship hearing aids that are not yet paid for. Rest assured, all Enhance Select hearing aids come with a 100-day trial period should there be any disruptions throughout the process. You may contact us at any time within 100 days to initiate a return and we will issue a full refund (no hidden restocking fee, we pay for shipping both ways).

  • No, but we can provide the paperwork you need to make seeking reimbursement as easy and smooth as possible.

  • It varies depending on your insurance provider and plan. Generally, most plans pay approved member-submitted claims within 15 to 45 days of the claim submission, but it can take longer. We recommend contacting your insurance company to get a more accurate estimate on the timeline for reimbursement.

  • Our Care Team will provide you with an itemized and coded bill after you complete your Jabra Enhance Orientation appointment and submit any necessary documentation. You'll send the itemized and coded bill to your insurance company to submit a claim. We recommend scheduling your Orientation immediately after receiving your hearing aids so you can submit your claim as early as possible.

  • The codes on the itemized bill are determined by
    1) reviewing audiogram completed from the last six months by a licensed audiologist
    2) the type of hearing aids dispensed, and
    3) our hearing aid assessment and recommendation process.

  • We recommend filing the insurance claim as quickly as possible and frequently checking the status of the claim with your Insurance company. We expect that most customers will be able to receive an indication of the approval status within the 100-day trial period. In the event you are not able to receive a claim decision or your claim is denied after filing the claim, give the Jabra Enhance Support team a call before your 100th day for assistance. Call us at 855-330-5323.

If you have any questions, just call our Care Team members who can guide you.