Why you really should buy hearing aids online

If you have trouble hearing and believe hearing aids may help, the process of making an informed purchase can seem overwhelming. Traditionally, the only way to purchase and get outfitted for a hearing aid was by going to a hearing clinic in person for a hearing test, fitting, and any subsequent adjustments, a process that can require significant time and expense. Now, online providers are making purchasing and adjusting a hearing aid easier, quicker, and more affordable than before, making it easier for you to hear the world around you.

Advantages of buying hearing aids online

If you are exploring ways to treat your hearing loss you should know that some direct-to-consumer hearing aid providers offer testing and adjustments via telehealth practices — seeing a doctor or audiologist on a live video call. By offering these devices directly to a consumer, hearing aids are sold at a fraction of the cost with access to audiological services, including the adjustments and tuning that help you hear your best. Typically, the device itself accounts for one-third of the total price with professional fees and services accounting for the remaining two-thirds.

There are additional benefits of buying modern hearing aids online from a company like Jabra Enhance, which include:


Adjust your hearing aid settings from the comfort of your own home: if your hearing aid needs adjustment, there's no need to travel back to the audiologist's office. You can use the Jabra Enhance Select app to change presets to adjust for your environment, or set up a video call with your audiologist for more involved adjustments.

Modern devices

By purchasing from a company like Jabra Enhance, which sells discreet hearing aids that include features such as bluetooth connectivity and a smartphone app, you can make sure that you're getting a device which will be convenient and easy to use.

On-demand support

The best hearing aid providers offer professional customer care and hearing aid adjustments from the comfort of your home via the internet and phone.


The business model of online hearing aid companies allows you to get a device which matches or exceeds the device you would buy in an office, for a much more affordable price.

Follow-up care

Some online hearing aid companies offer video chat support with audiologists who can counsel you on hearing loss, work with you on your hearing goals, and make adjustments to your device settings as you require them.

Considerations before purchasing hearing aids online

There are some important considerations to keep in mind before making your hearing aid purchase online, however. Most importantly, make sure to find a company that can connect you with an audiologist who can evaluate your hearing needs and make a determination about the best way to treat your hearing loss.
Additionally, consider the following factors before purchasing hearing aids online:

Services and care

Hearing aids are complex devices and require a professional's help. Make sure that the provider is willing to support you and your device once you make a purchase.


Understanding why you are having trouble hearing can help you determine what type of hearing aid will help you the most, and help you make the most of the device you buy. Ensure that the provider can help provide the learning you need.

Great customer service

Hearing devices need to be set to your unique hearing needs and specifications. Look for a provider that is going to provide the customer care you need to hear great and feel comfortable wearing your new device.

Smartphone connectivity

In some cases, you will need to download an app for adjustments to your hearing aid. Find a provider that offers the functionality and an easy-to-use interface that will let you fine-tune your device yourself from your device.

Audiologist support

Getting accustomed to hearing aids is a process and requires time and close monitoring. Make sure your hearing aid provider provides a warranty and stellar customer service for the first several years after your purchase.

The experience of wearing a hearing aid for the first time can sometimes bring unexpected challenges, as the brain needs time to adjust to the new sound input and adapt to these changes. Online providers that offer qualified, on-call audiologists are the most beneficial to wearers because they make critical hearing adjustments over time. When new hearing aid wearers go without audiologist support, they may not believe their hearing aids are working properly and will stop using them.

What You Can Expect When Buying Online

Purchasing hearing aids online is similar to making a purchase in person—the biggest difference is its added convenience and the affordability of a direct-to-consumer experience (in some cases, less than 66 percent of the national average cost for hearing aids). Consultations, fittings, and tunings all happen from the comfort of your home—where your device will be shipped—and the key is finding an online provider that can offer access to professional support, as well as a secure way to program your hearing aids.


When you are ready to take the plunge and purchase hearing aids online, you can expect to complete a hearing assessment and go through a tuning and adjustment period. Be sure to look out for online providers that offer a free consultation after you take a hearing test. The consultation should answer any questions you have about the hearing aid, costs involved, and how to find the best fit for your hearing.


After receiving your hearing aids, you should consult with an audiologist. With reputable online providers, this happens through a secure face-to-face video chat in an online setting. The audiologist on staff will help to program your hearing aids specifically to your needs and can leverage virtual consultations to give you expert advice about your hearing and make any needed adjustments over time. Convenient adjustments for bluetooth hearing aids can be programmed yourself through an accompanying smartphone app.

Continued support

Identifying companies that offer consistent support after purchase is crucial so that you can successfully acclimate to your new device. Be sure to look for providers like Jabra Enhance that offer follow-up care with a trusted customer care team as well as an audiologist. Outside of follow-up care, evaluate the hearing aid's warranty and damage protection policy, selecting options that span one to two years to receive a maximum benefit.

Confronting your hearing loss can be an overwhelming process—fortunately, online providers are easing the burden with their commitment to convenience and affordability. Making sure that you purchase your hearing aid from a company that connects you with the appropriate customer care and audiology support will make it easier for you to adjust to your new hearing aids.

Remember, hearing aids are medical devices and can only work well when they are properly tuned to how you hear, making it critical to find an online provider that supports and enables the adjustment process over the long term. You deserve to hear the world around you so that you can live your life to the fullest — so take advantage of the hearing aids available online today!