Reconnect with the people in your life with affordable hearing aids

"With Jabra Enhance, I hear sounds I've been missing for 7 years."

Ben is a 35 year old father of two. He is a happily married sales executive. He also lives with impaired hearing. Without the "wiggle room" in his budget for the steep cost of hearing aids, he lived with diagnosed but untreated hearing loss for more than 7 years.

"I had just purchased my first home and didn't have any wiggle room in my budget for $7,000 hearing devices. My health insurance was no help. I was extremely frustrated."

Ben K, husband, father of two, sales executive and Jabra Enhance customer

Research shows that the high cost of quality hearing aids and follow-up audiology care is the biggest barrier to treating people with hearing loss. Jabra Enhance was designed with one purpose in mind: to save people money on modern hearing aids and convenient care.

For 66% less than the national average, Jabra Enhance offers a high tech, low cost solution to hearing loss. A pair of powerful, professionally-programmed hearing aids and 2 years of unlimited care with a team of audiologists.

After seeing an ad, Ben was relieved to discover that Jabra Enhance does things differently.

"I took the Jabra Enhance hearing test online, which was quite similar to the one I had with a brick and mortar audiologist. Then, I saw the price tag. I couldn't believe how inexpensive the package deal was."

Living without hearing aids for such a long time is unfortunately a common story. In fact, people with hearing loss wait an average of 7 years before treating it. This can put a significant strain on personal relationships, work, mental health, and everyday experiences we take for granted.

Affordable hearing care gives people more than the ability have a conversation—it brings them closer to the people they love and reconnects them to the world around them. While Ben continued working hard and caring for his family, his hearing worsened and his connection to his family and job suffered.

"What started out as minor hearing loss developed into marked hearing loss that began to interfere with my relationships and career."

More than 40 million Americans have hearing loss and half go untreated, letting a treatable condition affect their relationships and quality of life. For Ben, and millions like him, wearing hearing aids for the first time is a life-changing experience.

"If you're having a hard time communicating at home or at work, do yourself a favor and try Jabra Enhance. I am so incredibly glad that I did."

Reconnect with the people and sounds in your life with the Enhance Select Bundle. Learn more about our innovative approach to hearing care or take the first step with our online hearing test.

Don't let hearing loss hold you back.

Our company has been updated to reflect our new name, Jabra Enhance, and our hearing aid model name has been updated to Enhance Select.