Communication skills for healthy hearing

Everyday tips to reduce your listening effort and improve conversation.

These simple tips, along with personalized hearing aids, will help you spend less time straining to hear and more time being in the moment. Whether you've recently noticed signs of hearing loss or are already using hearing aids, these tips will make your life easier.

People want to talk to you. They won't mind if you ask them to repeat themselves or want to move to a quieter space.

Don't be afraid to own it!

It's okay to say you have hearing loss. Let people know to sit on the side of your stronger ear. Tell people what you need to make the conversation go smoothly. People want to talk to you. They won't mind if you ask them to repeat themselves or want to move to a quieter space. They're not hung up on your hearing aids and you shouldn't be either.

Work with your environment

Start by limiting unnecessary background noise. Turn down the TV, lower the music, and turn off fans when they're not in use. If you're going to a restaurant, ask for a table closer to the wall where there's less echoing sound. And, if you're in a group, position yourself in the center of the discussion to get the best range of voices.

Be in the moment

Studies have found that over 65 percent of communication is nonverbal. Most meaning is conveyed through body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice. Make the most out of those nonverbal expressions by keeping the room well-lit and fully facing the person you're chatting with.

Let the conversation flow

Ask a friend or partner to update you if you get lost in all the noise of a conversation. This will help you to jump back into the conversation without bringing it to a halt.

It's tempting to say "what?" as soon as you miss a word, but sometimes it pays to hold off. Context clues from the conversation will usually help you jump back in.

Repeat it back

It doesn't hurt to double check when making plans. Wrap up a conversation by confirming the information to get a firm answer. For example, "So I'll see you tomorrow at noon for lunch?" It makes for a more natural conversation while still clarifying the issue at hand.

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